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The Cafe Eli

A line cook sets out to garden + write

Working as a line cook in celebrated restaurants encouraged me to explore sustainability in my private culinary life. 

What can be done with the odds and ends? How can scraps add up so much? Who produces our food? How do we honor them?

I hope to write a cookbook connecting my fine dining experience with the realities of living on a budget and choosing local ingredients.

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Cafe Eli recipes are written for the home cook, using professional techniques to achieve restaurant results.

Forget meal planning, learning to cook like a chef is all about Mis En Place- giving you more versatility and getting the most out of each ingredient.

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Cooking Seasonally

The Arizona-Sonora desert is a beautiful and biodiverse place. It is also home to organic farms, community programs, home gardens, suburban orchards and desert foraging, giving us unique and distinct local products, while the warmer winters gives Arizonans a bonus growing season.

Whether you already have a green thumb, are just starting to garden, want to explore your local farmers markets or simply want to use local ingredients with more intention- let this be a guide to what's new this season, how to preserve for next season and when not to miss peak seasonal collaborations.

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Seasonal Produce Guides

a guide to Southern Arizona

Several amazing local seasonal produce guides already exist, like this one from Farm Flavor (at right)

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